Principal Physiotherapist 

Kevin Ho

B.App.Sc. (PHTY) Honours Class 1  Sydney Uni

PhD Candidate, Sydney Uni 

Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association

USYD Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement


  • Kevin has a strong physiotherapy foundation through working in various public and private hospitals in his career. He has provided care for many people in rehabilitation wards as well as in the musculoskeletal outpatient clinic.In his USYD Honours research project, he worked in collaboration with a Professor of Psychology to detail the importance of multi-sensory systems in the movement and control of our bodies. Through all these experiences

  • Kevin has a developed a passion for musculoskeletal pelvic and spinal problems and endeavours to help patients return to full function as soon as possible. Kevin has always been a high achiever since his youth. Since moving to Australia when he was three years old, he was educated in the top primary and secondary schools, and achieved the Premier's Award for All-Round Excellence in the HSC. Naturally this led to Kevin's success in physiotherapy, including awards for extra-curricular and academic achievements in the University of Sydney. Kevin's motivation to achieve the best for everyone continues to benefit everyone he meets.

  • Apart from being a physiotherapist, Kevin is the co-ordinator of the youth group at his local Christian Church. He also enjoys a variety of sports including running, swimming, basketball, volleyball and tennis. His personal long term running goal is to achieve a half marathon (21km).


Principal Physiotherapist 

Joe Zhao 

B.App.Sc. (PHTY).Sydney Uni

WorkCover Accredited Physiotherapist

Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Founding committee member of APA acupuncture and dry needling group 

Committee member of APA Physiotherapy Business Australia 

  • Joe began his life in Australia as an exchange student on a scholarship. After topping his HSC exams, he decided to explore the world of physiotherapy as he saw the unique opportunity of integrating the sound theoretical knowledge base of Western Physiotherapy with practical, tried-and-true aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Joe has extensive clinical experience and specialises in treating musculoskeletal pain and work-related injuries. He’s successfully treated hundreds of injured workers and sport players and has an excellent ability to tailor the rehabilitation program to the needs of each individual worker. He also has extensive experience in aged care, and has worked in a number of aged faced facilities. He is well-versed in the areas of mobility assessments, fall prevention programs, post-surgical rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and complex pain management.
  • Joe strongly believes that strong health is achieved through balancing all the different aspects of one’s life. He believes that to achieve perfect health, the body and mind must be treated simultaneously. In order to live out this principle, he practices Tai Chi (literally “Push Hands”) with his wife Juliet. He also enjoys bushwalking with his parents and looking after his little boy.
  • Joe provides education, training and clinical advise to doctors and physiotherapists for musculoskeltal conditions and sports medicine. He is the consultant physiotherapist for a number of medical centres in Sydney.